24 July 2012

istiqhfar is 10 months old already

sorry sayang mama,u were 10 months old on 20th june but mama is super late in updating about it in this blog...but this is better than not doing it at all right. :-)

u can sit without support already when u reached 10 months.u are such a happy go lucky boy who loves to smile.u also got high fever that made mama so worried..for three nights the fever went on.terima kasih to wan mak who looked after u when mama working.Ha,then after the fever gone u were able to sit and became even more active.boys will always be boys.. :-) 

in the last post i posted about emill who got affected with kudis,,probably kudis api because it looks like melecur.then after a week,  istiqhfar was affected with the same kudis..for a week only because we quickly got him antibiotic.alhamdulilah..and syukur also because the kudis did not leave scars...update more later.

salam ramadhan to those who visit this blog :-)

04 July 2012

when istiqhfar was 9 months old

time flies so fast..he turned 9 months old two months ago..now only i have courage to talk about it,,,been so lazy cause super busy..aik macam mana tu busy tapi lazy lakk..hahaha whatever..ouchhh..

my dearest boy was such a sweet darling..alhamdulilah most of the time abg emill still can tolerate with his younger brother..when he turned 9 months old,we realised he started making sounds like calling 'babah','mama' or 'bang' perhaps! he is so attached to me (haha mama perasan) sebab it is not easy for strangers to be close to him..he might be smiling to those who 'peek a boo' him but to cling to them...no no no!!!!wah..jual mahal maka akibatnya,susah mama nk bergerak if we go to a new place n meting new people.owh istiqhfar, y are u so unfriendly..hihi.

ok later i will update about his 10 months old milestone k.assalammualaikum to all.

28 June 2012

emill's pak uda

my aunt's son (who is my cousin n lil uncle of my sons) just a few hours ago being operated...he is stable n looked so hungry because he has been fasting since last night...hope he will get well very soon...he is also emill's playmate!emill is visiting him now but im still at work...hurmmmmm...i wanna be there too pleaseeee.....

the finger above is emill's.dont know when did he get it but he is so calm about it..,tak jerit sakit pun..it seems like melecur kena benda panas tu...must be very painful if i got it but he never talked about pain..,he is so secretive about it...when he falls,he will hide his wounds...he is always like that...ouchhhhhh.ok better continue my works...

i do visit ur blogs guys...i just dont have time to leave comments.,, 

22 June 2012

abg emill's ragam

showing sick faces when refuse to go to school...owh mine!!!

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08 June 2012

our may

salam..sepanjang bulan mei byk perkara yang kami sekeluarga lalui..eh macam bunyi sedih je ayat ni.no(?).takde lah perkara sedih perkara best best je jadi...last three weeks alhamdulilah we went to watch our dearest man giving a speech.That was during the launching of his new baby. Then on that weekend,spent our days playing at a pool n enjoying great tasteful food at marriott...that would be istiqhfar's first pool experience.,about emill's first pool experience pun i pernah blogkan dulu here.We also celebrated mom's day hanging out with a few family members makan makan at bagan lalang...seafood!!ok just enjoy the hp's pictures...:-) 

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18 May 2012

happy teacher's day

emill's first time celebrating his teachers for teacher's day.His school had a potluck so we decided to buy this cake....i totally forgot to buy presents for his teachers..ye la it's good to teach our kids to show respect to their teachers... :-) happy teacher's day to all educators out there...

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13 May 2012

happy mom's day

happy mom's day to all wanita-wanita cantik yang membaca blog mama abang emill and adik ni...abang emill n adik love u all...mwahhh....

09 May 2012

you are always on my mind...

usually only manage to pump 9oz per day...tapi so far alhamdulilah...enough for istiqhfar's supply.yes my heroes u are always on my mind.. wink wink!!!!

07 May 2012

istiqhfar is 8 months old

salam.istiqhfar sudah pun masuk 8 bulan sekarang...belum tumbuh gigi n belum crawling lagi..just shuffling tp laju... :-)
sekarang masih lagi mkn bubur nasi yg i blend.bubur tu i campur sayur bayam or carrot or potato or pumpkin...suka dia makan.and proud with myself as im still breastfeeding him exclusively...yayy!!!! *tepukbahusendiri5kali*

Alhamdulilah tuk istiqhfar semua jenis vaksin yg optional pun kami bg dia..membesar dengan sihat n riang ye my hero.abang emill pulak macam biasa gi sekolah.i pulak jemput dia lewat petang, mmg sedih bila dia tanya mama nape lambat sambil senyum..what to do..kerja mesti kerja kan...

ahhhhhh seronok dapat spend my last weekend with my heroes ni...harini kerja pun rasa rindu sangat kat budak duorang tu..hihih  

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27 April 2012


am tired but still need to work tomorrow..tomorrow is saturday.(kasihani daku)..it was a hectic week for me this week...take a deep breath n exhale...well well well....treat myself new red gelang yang i sendiri tak pasti dapat pakai ke tak...tak ke nanti istiqhfar nk gigit je gelang ni.... :-)

p/s: emill took part in his school sports day...and his tice said his group won the first place. :-) good job abang emill!!!

23 April 2012

that floating thing

felt like my heart dropping (gugur jantung) bila buka pintu bilik nampak benda alah ni at the ceiling...owh mine..it was emill's balloon.he just came back from bersuka ria with my hubby's family side that time.bawak balik balloon ni.Last week he went to a zoo with them.semalam pulak outing with my mom.balik tu pulak pergi rumah his ex babysitter.ada ke term bekas babysitter? wah busy sungguh my bujang sulung ni..boleh keluar without mama and babah dah.tapi sungguh memang terkejut tengok boiboboi ni (betul ke?).naik bulu roma....abang emill...abang emill....patutlah dia berlari ke dapur n hugged my leg..rerupanya dia dah terlepaskan balloon ni ke ceiling..kemudian dia sendiri yang takut :-)

21 April 2012


it's almost 4 months already abang emill goes to school.he is 3 years 4months now and alhamdulilah he improves a lot.by now he recognises huruf hijayah tunggal berbaris atas.so impressive.i do believe if a child is good in reciting quran in early years,the others things (ABC,123) will be absorbed easily by him.hopefully.

somehow i blame myself for not teaching him a lot.memang zero knowledge dia when i first sent him to school.now i'm trying jugaklah duduk bersama dia waktu senja and mengaji...tapi it will always be disturbed when he wants to skip the page taught...nanti dia akan sibuk buka muka surat seterusnya and he likes to skip his bacaan..tengok tengok dah baca yang bawah pulak.amboi.i spend  a few minutes only to teach him now...must work harded on this later kan kan.

thinking of training him to use feeding cup to drink his milk la..his gigi depan rosak already...gi sekolah memang i bekalkan susu with botol lagi...ada jugak i dengar cikgu dia bagi dia kata kata semangat tuk minum guna cup je...balik dari school tu je la he was so eager but then the next morning mintak susu siap cakap nk pakai botol.
Ya Allah,permudahkanlah urusan kami mendidik anak-anak kami.Semoga hati mereka sentiasa dibukakan ke jalanMu.selamatkanlah mereka dunia akhirat.

09 April 2012

istiqhfar is 7 months already

yay...alhamdulilah istiqhfar dah naik walker n he is 7 months already.....budak cerdik ni tidur awal n bangun subuh....auwwwww.suka ketawa kuat kuat bila tengok gelagat abang emill...mudah tersenyum and pandai dah nangis bila orang tak endah kan dia :-)

grow up n be a great gentleman syg...mama loves abang emill n istiqhfar..

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02 April 2012


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salam.last two weeks we had cukur jambul ceremony for our baby istiqhfar irtzaz.but.....in this post i just wanna share some pictures that we took while outing to find stuff for the ceremony.

we went to florist to order bunga telur.we went searching for baju melayu for the pengantin but ended up buying two baju melayu for abang emill because there was no size for istiqhfar.As for candy buffet and gift for marhaban people,these were handled by my sis.Part-part makan my hubby yang uruskan...

This thing happened last two weeks during the school holiday...The sad part is i had fever,in fact kami anak beranak xsihat sepanjang minggu tu...ok later i update pictures on that special day.

gosh.am tired and i really need a vacation not just a holiday.....help!!!!

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20 March 2012

our 4th anniversary

it was last month on 28th feb we had our 4th anniversary...alhamdulilah...with so many ups and downs...we are still holding hands together...i love him and our kids :-)

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