03 July 2009

dis morning..

..my hubby isnt around (tioman) so i slept in my mom's room..hihihi..
lastnite emill slept around 10 sumthg..i was really tired so i folo his 'jejak langkahlah'
(slept early)hihi.

woke up at 5am..i cooked him porridge (bubur nasik plus 5 ekor ikan bilis) hope he will like the menu..wait until u r 7 months...mama is gonna cook for u sumtg marvelous,superlicious,delicious,gorgeous recipes..yummy yummy!!!!

lastnite he played with his 'tok cik' my pakcik who stays sebelah umah kami je..emill menjerit2 ske ati main...ske dia acah2 nk jalan...then he screamed excitedly watching my uncle eating....ish...bagik makn bubur xmo..org makan pedas2 ske lak ngk..yes...he's growing..

now he works so hard to get to da front (meniarap)..memang dah laju...engak bisa tdo di atas katil tanpa dikepung bantal lagik...

after work im planning to get presents for my husband n sis (their besday wud be dis month)

dis morning i left him with a hopeful advice dat he wud be a wholesome person who cud help his mama, babah, wan2, monyang n all his family dunia akhirat......


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