02 July 2009

feeding him..

yes...he's 6 months 5 days now (referring to the lilypie's draft)
dis morning i woke up late..really late..it was about 5.30am..i rushed to cook 'bubur nasik' for emill..ops..not forgotten ironing my baju n luckily my husband (he's really understanding) didn't mind ironing his own baju.so i didnt add any garam to emill's porridge..i knew my mak thought dat was weird like i was abusing my baby for not letting him to taste 'garam'...hihi.ok mak i'll add apple next time so dat his porridge wud taste better..

today is his fifth time eating..started feeding him last saturday (27th june 09) at his mummy's house (my shuwit sis). his first meal was neslac nestum..the first day he only consumed 4 spoons.then 2nd day i made a very cair one..third day makan sket jugak n ari ke4 pun sket..

on the fifth day i woke up 4.30am.rushing to cook bubur nasik(ermmm...y do i owiz have to rush??huh..bad time management)then dat nasik quite hangus sket so mmg tasteless...emill pun xmo..n today his 6th day eating porridge...memag just bubur kos0ng je...2moro im planning to give him sumthg more tasteful...potato puree maybe...
am i a fussy mom??only for my son's sake..


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