30 July 2009


fever owh fever....please stay away forever........

emill got fever last 2 nites...it was a sleepless nite.he didn't sleep so did i. he was so restless..rolled over here n there. he vomitted around 11am..so lencut mama n babah.after vomitting he laughed, perhaps he felt much better after dat. around 2.30am his temperature went up. i n my hubby were so worried so we put a lot of kain basah here n there on his bodies n forehead. my makteh said the most crucial parts are tengkuk n under armpits cos those where our nerves for demam located. she said wet towel on forehead can only reduce our headache. i just take all the petua given as i really wanted emill to get well asap. i kept on breastfeeding him. he breastfed quite often on dat nite. around 5 am. i went to cook porridge for him as usual but suddenly i heard him crying. so i breastfed him. actually i was unwell too. i still had my flu..in fact still have it. i was quite terkecoh2 dat morning..had to do so many in 1 time.haiyaa..my baby cried each time i wanted to step out from room. around 5 sumtg he poo poo...bagus jugak sum people say it can reduce his temperature cos poo poo brings out all panas..
i went to work as usual. at work couldnt stop thinking bout his condition. after work, i drove as fast as i was able to in order to get home asap. i wore musk as i still had flu.i wanted to breastfeed him...omg, i was so sad as he couldn't recognise me. he kept on bitting me each time i tried to bf him. at last i just opened da musk..baru kenal mama..

today dia dah ok n dah main2 macam biasa..hope his body's temperature akan stabil je..talking about temperature, i use a digital termometer..those who are interested can contact me at lipbesh@yahoo.com. it's only rm250 (negotiable). i will write in different entry about the termometer ok..tata




MIK'YAL said...

finally ada box komen..
sian emill..mmg takleh keja kalau anak saket..buat keja pun cincai boncai ja..tk sabar menunggu time pulang !

niway ,takecare

Leen said...

ai ai niaga pulak dah....


~Lippie~ said...

susah at sesgt...u know da feeling kan tasya...=)

aduyai ija....awak nak beli x??murah je.if kat tempat lain mau 300++ bagi present kat anak tasya..indah...

MIK'YAL said...

gud suggestion kak lip !!
so leen ..bila nk pos kasik ? aku menanti ni..HAHHAHAHA

Leen said...

huh! saja ja nak pomot nk bg pokai auntie leen. Takpe nnt auntie leen g Kulim tu present nyer hahaha!