22 July 2009

home school

ter upload pic ni dulu so terpaksa bagi penerangan 'tiba-tiba' jek...macam xpasal2. today i wanna talk about emill first learning vcds...the screen above displays one of his first vcds. after it displays words the screen will change to show the pictures of the words spelt

the first vcd which is your baby can read contains a lesson on how your baby learn words from pictures n the 2nd vcd peek a boo contains songs which attract emill a lot..plus it has a lot babies acting in the plays so emill ske sgt tgk org2 sebaya dia..ihik..

your baby can read...dis girl in the video still didn't know how to talk during dis time but she can already show parts of her bodies by looking at the words spelt on the cards

emill memang diam n kusyuk while watching those two vcds (rambutnye yang sontott ini digunting oleh tok cik nye...mama tdk bertanggungjawab ye...dun blame me..hihi)

antara isi kandungan nye..your baby can read

okies...hopefully emill would be able to read at early ages n become a smart boy...

luv, mama

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