06 July 2009

babah n emill

taken when we were at
kampung.do they look the same erkkkk???emill n his babah..he's 6 months
sangat suker dia time nih...........he is such a great babah..during my confinement he took turn with mak to care for emill..emill was sleepless for 40 days..he didnt sleep at nite until day 41.luckily mak n emill's babah 'berjaga' selang seli tuk jaga dia..emill's babah also did the best dat he could to make sure i got well a.s.a.p...he looked for ikan haruan sungai yang fresh for me,changed emill's diapers, bathed emill etc..bless to have these two people in my life...luv u guys..more entries about u both.


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