30 September 2009

ini adalah tahun pertama emill beraya

raya pertama tahun ni giliran beraya di kampung babah emill. last year ari pertama kat my kampung. seawal sehari sebelum raya kami dah berada di kampung..memang ramai sanak saudara yang sama-sama membuat persiapan raya. emill pun mesti terkejut sebab kena pakai baju lengan panjang (baju melayu) even matahari terik memancar pada siang hari..hihi...menjelang petang kami pulang ke my kampung..emill tidur lena dalam kereta..he was very tired. tema di kampung babah emill adalah kaler ijau...pada hari raya kedua kami berpakaian kaler merah pulak..macam sirap la memasing..hihi.......raya ketiga kami pulang semula ke kampung babah hinggalah raya ke lima...emill looked very happy cos he could bite the angpaw..bahaya betul suke je dia mengigit..gusi emill tgh gatal betul now...meleleh air liur dia menahan...oklah...kami bertiga ingin mengucapkan selamat hari raya and maaf zahir batin kepada all of lippie-lippie's blog readers n friends....cheers!!!!

ini pic raya pertama di kampung babah emill. tema kami adalah green..lite green!

ini raya kedua kami di kampung mama..tema kami adalah merah..panas!!panas!!

pic kami bertiga.....maaf zahir batin......



27 September 2009

he is 9 months today

arini emill genap 9 bulan.huh, dah besar anak mama.esok mama dah start kerja..sure rinduuuu kat emill sepanjang masa kat tmpt kerja..ye ar seminggu duk melekat jaga emill..tup tup esok kena kerja..sekarang ni gigi emill masih ada dua batang. emill dah reti berpaut pada orang or barang and berdiri.duduk pun dah tegap alhamdulilah..............satu perkara je yg buat mama risau...emill kuat merengek..mama risau babysitter emill nanti tak tahan nk layan kerenah emill...aduyai...risaunya mama.if dalam kereta..emill dah takmo duk diam..lasak sesangat sekarang.apa pun mama bersyukur dikurniakan anak yang sihat, cergas and full of energy...


16 September 2009

baju raya hunting

as being promised last saturday and sunday we went hunting for emill's baju raya.it was  fun days for us. on saturday my husband n i left emill with his babysitters...after 4 hours baju raya hunting..we went back to the hotel room n released these two girls to do their shopping..mama was so tired on that night so i slept early.on the next morning we continued our hunting again.......dapatla beberapa pasang baju raya for emill...this year will be his first raya...last year emill was still inside..around five months pregnancy on that time.this year dapat raya bersama-sama.hurrmmmm...tapi bila emill nak start posa ni ek???????????hihihi.sepanjang emill di simpan di dalam bilik..mommy n paksu dtg jeguk...maklong nor (my cousin) pun datang. if h1n1 tak ada kan best...mesti lagi seronok dapat shopping ngan emill..emill dah ada gigi dua batang sekarang.kat bawah je tapi i still blend his porridge..hihi (terlampau rajin).he does not crawl but shuffles..people say shufflers walk earlier than crawlers..tak tau la kesahihannya..let's wait n see je...tiga hari lagi nak raya....selamat berhari raya semua!!!


12 September 2009


as i was surfing the net i saw a banner of cute sleeping baby contest..just for fun trying to win any prize for this contest..those bloggers who are interested can go to this link click here.
the organizer of the contest is a mom just like me. her blog entitled Love My New Life presents her stories about her baby named sheena n also about the organizer's life.the blog is special because it shares stories about a baby's activities which i like to read. i love reading blogs about babies!!!!!!!!!!!ok here is my baby's pic.

Baby's Name: Emill Irtzaz Mohd Kamaruz
DOB: 27th Dec 2008
POB: Seremban Specialist Center
Mother's Name: Nazreen Zaharudin
this is how emill sleeps...he is 8 months plus.

 kebiasaan nya emill akan tidur pada pukul 8.30pm. tapi if ramai orang kat umah..dia mampu bertahan lama tak tidur-tidur even mata dah merah.......pil tidur emill ni senang je...bagi je bm terus dia lentok tertidur sampai pagi.


10 September 2009


diam diam dah hari ke 20 ramadhan rupanya...10 more days to go..so it will be emill's first raya. we have not bought baju raya for emill.my husband n i plan to do so this saturday (i can't wait!!really into shopping). khadeeja was admitted to a hospital for yellow fever (hope u'll get well asap dear) and today i was really busy handling the kitchen works, my son n family....now it's 11.39pm n it's ME TIME...emill dah tidur. tired? yesh...i think everyone feels tired especially those who have a baby for the 1st time..still working on managing time wisely.i have a cousin who has 5 children., the youngest one is 4 months but she manages to run her jual lauk pauk bisnes, buat kuih muih, handling her children who go to school without any problem. yes, i adore her. she's a tough lady who works hard to raise her kids.i'm thankful n grateful as i don't have to work like her to get my needs fulfilled. i feel my life is blessed n i am so grateful that i am being me..there are so many things that make me feel so grateful. syukur alhamdulilah.
i feel grateful because..........

  • i have a husband who always tries to fulfill our family's needs
  • i owns a mother who talks about do's n dont's
  • i gave birth to emill irtzaz who cheers me up n brightens my days
  • i have a  mom in law who is nice to me
  • i have a grandma who helps me to understand the meaning of life 
  • i get a sister who used to be my penyimpan mohor besar (secrets)
  • i have a brother who is supportive (used to encourage me to excel in studies)
  • i have a great sis in law who always listen to my celoteh about my friends 
  • i have ibu-ibu saudara who are really concerned about my life
  • i have family in law who accept me n help me a lot......

tak tersenarai rasanya terlalu tak terkira nikmat yang Allah kurniakan to me. i hope my life will always be colorful n bright with these people whom i love so much fullstop



09 September 2009

emill sudah pandai duduk

my emill still does not crawl..but he has started to sit without being supported..

emill is with his pak uda (my cousin so pangkat bapa saudara kepada emill la kan)

selepas beberapa minit emill pun makin sendeng ketepi kerana sudah tidak larat duduk lama2 lagi....that's all i want to share about my 8 months plus baby boy..proud with u dear...


06 September 2009

yes..miracle does happen.

alhamdulilah....this morning (5th sept 09) my sis in law gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.im so relieved n glad dat everything went on so well.on 4th she went to see mr doc. the doc said dah buka 1cm n she was expected to admit to hospital on sunday nite .mlm tu she said she wanted to buang air(i guess it was actually the contraction pain).we talked until 2.30am.the next morning (means this morning) she went back to her house (which is near to our mom's house).around 11 my brother called me n said air ketuban dah pecah..they rushed to the hospital..at the hospital sempat lagi my bro mms pic my sis in law dah duk on atas bed waiting for dat moment.around 12 something i called my makteh (who was there with my mom).she said my sis in law dah delivered.semuanya berlaku pantas within 2 hours je.i cried because i was overwhelmed with a great feeling of happiness..walaupun songsang..their baby boleh dilahirkan normal..alhamdulilah.....syukur tak terhingga kepada YANG ESA.

her name is khadeeja irzan binti mohd nazri (sleep tight sayang mak ngah ni). so my mom dah ada sepasang cucu sekarang..

emill tertidur sendiri...pelik n senyap je dia tgk mama dia terkecoh-kecoh ke hulu ke hilir on that morning...i left him for a while with his monyang when visiting my sis in law n our new family member.



04 September 2009

we are still waiting

today i just want to share about my worry towards my sis in law's pregnancy.yesterday, she was supposed to be admitted to general hospital..she is at her third trimester already 38 weeks but her baby nye kepala masih di atas..tapi she refused to go cos today she still wants to see her doc to confirm everything ..im praying dat everything will be ok..



02 September 2009

he enjoyed last nite meal

last nite emill ate dadih..it was yam flavour..yes...he liked it..ramai dah asked me to stop giving him blended porridge...diorg asked me to lenyek je bubur tuh...huh...okey..i pasrah je..emill akan diberi porridge lenyek..gigi bawah emill dah tersembul kuar dua batang...semua benda dia nak geselkan kat gusi...his saliva drools out je...cian baby mama..hurmm..hurmm..lalalalalaaaaaaa...apalagi ye..itu sajela kut buat harini...have a great puasa to those who read this entry...


01 September 2009

emill is back!!!

see...who's in the blog..it's emill again..agegegege...emill ke mama emill?lama dah xjenguk blog.cuti seminggu duk umah jaga anak tersayang.sangat banyak benda baru emill dah reti buat..crawling belum lagi but he's trying to sit now..(people said he's skipping da crawling part..terus duduk je).baru je introduce kat dia makan bubur nasik campur ikan (still i blend).i was still not confident to feed him nasik lenyek je without blending..during this fasting month i dun f any problem to breastfeed him..so far ok je..terus lelap after breasfeeding..waktu berbuka adalah waktu yang paling emill suka...he will taste da dates....not just tasting but eating actually.sukeee bangat dia mamam kurma..right now dia selalu merengek (kena tinggal merengek,kena duk dlm walker merengek) pendek kata selalu gak..then some of my friends said dat's normal..right now we can only show him the good examples to educate him.marah pun dia bukan reti lagi..once he understands instructions, orders..time tu baru leh tegur any unacceptable behaviours dat he shows.i pray my son will be an obedient son..hopefully my prayer is granted since it's a ramadhan month!! i also pray dat my sis in law akan sihat n selamat melahirkan anak tak lama lagi (still counting da day)..pray dat da child is safe n healthy..(lepas ni emill jadik abang la...dapat adik sepupu ok..jgn salah paham) to my dear friend rohaida..start blogging..boleh aku baca update terbaru damia yang cumei itew..di bawah ini pic mama n emill yang berjalan-jalan tanpa tujuan (daku tipu, kami mahu ke arah kereta sebenarnya).ok la...if rajin..akan sambung cerita pasal cuti seminggu bersama anak tersayang.. (ayat memang kelam kabut tapi my bahasa melayu dapat A1 tau..)


mama emill tercinta