10 September 2009


diam diam dah hari ke 20 ramadhan rupanya...10 more days to go..so it will be emill's first raya. we have not bought baju raya for emill.my husband n i plan to do so this saturday (i can't wait!!really into shopping). khadeeja was admitted to a hospital for yellow fever (hope u'll get well asap dear) and today i was really busy handling the kitchen works, my son n family....now it's 11.39pm n it's ME TIME...emill dah tidur. tired? yesh...i think everyone feels tired especially those who have a baby for the 1st time..still working on managing time wisely.i have a cousin who has 5 children., the youngest one is 4 months but she manages to run her jual lauk pauk bisnes, buat kuih muih, handling her children who go to school without any problem. yes, i adore her. she's a tough lady who works hard to raise her kids.i'm thankful n grateful as i don't have to work like her to get my needs fulfilled. i feel my life is blessed n i am so grateful that i am being me..there are so many things that make me feel so grateful. syukur alhamdulilah.
i feel grateful because..........

  • i have a husband who always tries to fulfill our family's needs
  • i owns a mother who talks about do's n dont's
  • i gave birth to emill irtzaz who cheers me up n brightens my days
  • i have a  mom in law who is nice to me
  • i have a grandma who helps me to understand the meaning of life 
  • i get a sister who used to be my penyimpan mohor besar (secrets)
  • i have a brother who is supportive (used to encourage me to excel in studies)
  • i have a great sis in law who always listen to my celoteh about my friends 
  • i have ibu-ibu saudara who are really concerned about my life
  • i have family in law who accept me n help me a lot......

tak tersenarai rasanya terlalu tak terkira nikmat yang Allah kurniakan to me. i hope my life will always be colorful n bright with these people whom i love so much fullstop




l i e y n said...

emil, nnt mintak mama baju raya banyak2 k...kasut, cap, socks sekali!!

~Lip~ said...

to lieyn: sebenarnye mama nye yg lebey nk bershopping..hihi

Leen said...

Gaya emill seperti
"iyer mama nk masak ape arini ..meh emill amikkan ayam"

Atiqah said...

hi kak lip, kenai ka sy ni. kwn leen msa kt itm. tahniah sbb berjaya menghasilkn emil hansom boy..hehe

happy blogging!!

~Lip~ said...

to atiqah: kak lip kenal tiqah..leen suke tunjuk gambar kenkawan dia n gtau nama..semua budak om kak lip leh hafal nama n kenal rupa..hihi

~Lip~ said...

to leen; dia bukan suwoh mama masak tp mommy dia...ini kan kat umah mommy...."mommy..can i have ayam ros?like the one cooked by pak su" said emill sambil buat muncung panjang