21 October 2009


it's been a few weeks already since my last visit to this blog. lama sungguh rasanya i didn't jot down anything about my life. my baby boy has fallen asleep and my dear hubby is out playing futsal. im watching a movie now entitled THE ONE. it a movie about a chef who falls in love with an engaged lady. i give 3 stars to this movie (even the movie is stiil on now, not finished yet) yes..i love watching hallmark channel. the movies shown in this channel are quite oldies...country n koboi type..sort of. emill has been caughing for two weeks already. ubat batuk kahak taken from a clinic pun dah abis (been to clinic three times). emill sekarang dah reti main and bergurau...seronok sungguh kami menyakat dia..peek a boo@bacak kat dia...he will respond by showing his two teeth....so funny. i wanna finish watching The One..please excuse me for awhile ya...ops i leave here pics of emill with his lovey dovey babah....luv them both


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