23 November 2009

cite emill minggu ni

this week emill demam..bermula malam ahad badan emill rasa panas..around 3am while breastfeeding him i felt like holding a fire ball cos his temperature was quite high..i decided to take a leave..so on monday i didn't go to work..on tuesday my mom took care of emill..i went back early from work..nk wat keja pun xbest bila ur baby xsehat...i just got a new boss.he looked strict n firm but for my baby..sape per i sanggup redah..jumpa menteri pun sanggup..quite ok..when he looked at my muka kesian terus he allowed me to go back early.on wednesday we sent him to his babysitter's house..bila i balik tu tgk badan dia still suam2 lagi. bagi mandi air kelapa..reda kejap then panas semula..but air kepala is quite helpful la...on thursday he got rashes..demam dah kebah.. memang abis muka anakku with bintik2...comotnye muka anak mama on dat time..doc said it might be roseola.........the doc did blood test.takot gak campak or denggi kan..tapi alhamdulilah just roseola..since i became a mom a lot new things i learn about human being..ye la raising a kid is not easy..you need a lot of knowledges...harini emill sudah sepenuhnya sihat...can't wait to take him to park..babah boleh jogging n mama boleh duk jaga emill sambil makan2......i like it!!



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