20 February 2012

life is wonderful when

spending a good time with family....

Genting dec2011

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13 February 2012


I hate farewell!!

Tata syamill ilan (my cousin's son) who went to dubai with his parents..see u again dear.

P/s: look at his photos...meniarap atas lantai klia tu lagi..we, family risau how his daddy nak handle him inside the flight.He is a strong and active boy!!love u dear..be good and have a safe life there...

09 February 2012

outing day

went to jakel....shopping and grabbing...then drinking and kenyanging....

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04 February 2012

istiqhfar is 5 months old

assalammualaikum...been busy lately...istiqhfar is 5 months old already...really loves to laugh when looking at his abang's face...yup! he adores his abang thats why he has been working so hard to roll over...with hope he can quickly be able to walk n jump happily like his brother... :-) enjoy this 5 months old's photos....

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