20 March 2012

our 4th anniversary

it was last month on 28th feb we had our 4th anniversary...alhamdulilah...with so many ups and downs...we are still holding hands together...i love him and our kids :-)

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05 March 2012

istiqhfar is 6 months old

salam..been busy with my hectic life...dah masuk 2 weeks istiqhfar masuk 6 bulan and starts eating solid food..untuk 4 days terawal just bagi bubur nasi kosong then on the fifth day baru campur kentang...alhamdulilah still fully breastfeeding dia.he is an active and cheerful baby..meragam waktu nk tidur je or when memula get into a group of people...dia memang akan nangis...Emill pulak dah mula menyesuaikan diri ni sekolah...later i'll update more..ok tata for a while

love my sons :-)

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