02 April 2012


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salam.last two weeks we had cukur jambul ceremony for our baby istiqhfar irtzaz.but.....in this post i just wanna share some pictures that we took while outing to find stuff for the ceremony.

we went to florist to order bunga telur.we went searching for baju melayu for the pengantin but ended up buying two baju melayu for abang emill because there was no size for istiqhfar.As for candy buffet and gift for marhaban people,these were handled by my sis.Part-part makan my hubby yang uruskan...

This thing happened last two weeks during the school holiday...The sad part is i had fever,in fact kami anak beranak xsihat sepanjang minggu tu...ok later i update pictures on that special day.

gosh.am tired and i really need a vacation not just a holiday.....help!!!!

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yaya+frdz+auf said...

hot momma lahh...maintainn youuu! hehe