28 June 2012

emill's pak uda

my aunt's son (who is my cousin n lil uncle of my sons) just a few hours ago being operated...he is stable n looked so hungry because he has been fasting since last night...hope he will get well very soon...he is also emill's playmate!emill is visiting him now but im still at work...hurmmmmm...i wanna be there too pleaseeee.....

the finger above is emill's.dont know when did he get it but he is so calm about it..,tak jerit sakit pun..it seems like melecur kena benda panas tu...must be very painful if i got it but he never talked about pain..,he is so secretive about it...when he falls,he will hide his wounds...he is always like that...ouchhhhhh.ok better continue my works...

i do visit ur blogs guys...i just dont have time to leave comments.,, 

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el said...

kezen emill tu sakit ape lip