24 July 2012

istiqhfar is 10 months old already

sorry sayang mama,u were 10 months old on 20th june but mama is super late in updating about it in this blog...but this is better than not doing it at all right. :-)

u can sit without support already when u reached 10 months.u are such a happy go lucky boy who loves to smile.u also got high fever that made mama so worried..for three nights the fever went on.terima kasih to wan mak who looked after u when mama working.Ha,then after the fever gone u were able to sit and became even more active.boys will always be boys.. :-) 

in the last post i posted about emill who got affected with kudis,,probably kudis api because it looks like melecur.then after a week,  istiqhfar was affected with the same kudis..for a week only because we quickly got him antibiotic.alhamdulilah..and syukur also because the kudis did not leave scars...update more later.

salam ramadhan to those who visit this blog :-)


Nurhayati said...

happy 10months old Istighfar

Azhariah Zuber said...

cptnya membesat

Chenta Ummi said...

wah lama sangat tak view blog ni and menyepi sampai dah ade anak dua dahh.. comell sgt!!!