04 July 2012

when istiqhfar was 9 months old

time flies so fast..he turned 9 months old two months ago..now only i have courage to talk about it,,,been so lazy cause super busy..aik macam mana tu busy tapi lazy lakk..hahaha whatever..ouchhh..

my dearest boy was such a sweet darling..alhamdulilah most of the time abg emill still can tolerate with his younger brother..when he turned 9 months old,we realised he started making sounds like calling 'babah','mama' or 'bang' perhaps! he is so attached to me (haha mama perasan) sebab it is not easy for strangers to be close to him..he might be smiling to those who 'peek a boo' him but to cling to them...no no no!!!!wah..jual mahal maka akibatnya,susah mama nk bergerak if we go to a new place n meting new people.owh istiqhfar, y are u so unfriendly..hihi.

ok later i will update about his 10 months old milestone k.assalammualaikum to all.

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